Anorectal Manometry


Offering the most comprehensive diagnostic options for defecation disorders.

Anorectal  Manometry:

The InSIGHT Anorectal Manometry System and it's modules allow a comprehensive evaluation of the anal canal, rectum, and pelvic muscles as well as therapeutic options with pelvic  muscle retraining (biofeedback).   The  system utilizes revolutionary BioVIEW® Analysis Software - a menu driven protocol that allows easy, accurate and comprehensive data  acquisition, including anal sphincter resting pressure, voluntary squeeze pressure, recto-anal Inhibitory reflex and  rectal sensation and  compliance. There are three systems to choose from as follows:

4 Channel Solid State Anorectal Manometry Probe
• 4 radial sensors measures anal canal pressures and symmetry
• Single use rectal balloon for stimulation and sensation testing

Clinical Innovations Latitude® Air Charged Catheters
The InSIGHT Air Charged Manometry System with BioVIEW®, incorporates the Latitude® Air Charged Catheters from Clinical Innovations, providing optimal convenience at the  lowest possible cost. Clinical Innovations' Latitude motility catheters use the latest technology to give you disposable catheters, with every sensor circumferential for improved results  by eliminating anatomical irregularities. Latitude catheters are safe, easy to use, and more comfortable for patients. Latitude frees you from many encumbrances that complicate your  procedures, slow you down, and keep you from expanding your practice. Choose from either a standard Anorectal Catheter with circumferential sensors and a diameter of 8 French  (2.7 mm /.105 in) or the Directional Anorectal Catheter with a diameter of 18 French (6 mm / .236 in).

Water Perfused
The InSIGHT Water Perfused Manometry System with BioVIEW® provides optimal accuracy, flexibility and ease of use by combining a Mui or Dentsleeve water perfusion pump with  an InSIGHT Manometry System. Choose from a comprehensive selection of channel capacities, reservoir sizes and pressurisation systems to configure a water perfusion pump that  will meet your needs and your budget.

Why Sandhill?

  • Menu-driven acquisition protocols to ensure accurate and consistent studies
  • Automatic analysis
    • - Reliable measurements in all sequences using dynamic pressure variation in calculating data
    • - Clear visualization of data to identify anatomy and physiology in all areas of measurement including symmetry and intra-rectal pressure
  • Hospital info systems interface options
  • Easy to use
  • An economical and worry free add-on to any existing Sandhill InSIGHT System
  • Sandhill University - offering comprehensive educational and training packages

Choice in Report Data

You can choose what measurements to include in the report


  • Minimal data acquisition time and effort
    • - Probe spans entire physiologic area
    • - All data acquired from single probe position
  • Intuitive data interpretation
    • - Eliminate segmentation of data caused by equipment limitations
    • - Advanced color contour enhances visualization
    • - Anal canal symmetry data
  • Minimizes technique sensitivity


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Anorectal Manometry